Nebraska Sports Betting Sites

They do not call the middle of the US the “heartland” purely because of its location. Not that anyone who lives in Nebraska needs a reminder, but those who live in the middle of the country amidst the farm land and mines tend to feel things a little more deeply, and be more in tune with things around them. This goes double – maybe even triple for how they feel about their sports teams. Anyone who’s been to a cornhusker’s game can tell you – Nebraska residents cheer with their entire beings.

The purpose of this page is to aid Nebraska residents in putting their money where their heart is. We will not only explore the legal issues surrounding sports betting, but help Nebraska residents to find the best possible avenues through which to bet on sports legally. We will also attempt to answer any questions that readers in Nebraska may have concerning sports betting in general.

Is Sports Betting in Nebraska Legal and Safe?

Many of those living in Nebraska are unsure of the law, and we are asked time and again whether sports betting is legal or not. While it’s true that the unsanctioned facilitation of sports betting in the United States is a very serious crime, the law leaves those who simply wish to place bets or wagers on sports events well enough alone. This leaves Nebraska residents with a big problem: what good does the right to bet do anyone if it’s illegal for anyone to take your bet? This is where these Nebraska sports betting sites come in. Since they’re located offshore well outside US jurisdiction, they may accept bets from all over the world just as long as they abide by the laws of their native countries.

Just because there are several legal online sportsbooks for Nebraska residents does not mean that they are all alike, or even of the same quality. We have taken to thoroughly testing every legal sportsbook on the market, and we have whittled it down to what we feel are the absolute best for those who live in Nebraska. Below you will find our top picks, selected for their excellence in safety, security, service, and most of all, fun!

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Bovada Sportsbook - Bet Anywhere You Have Your Phone And A Network Connection

Bovada SportsbookJust like with any industry, there is a certain name in sports betting that all the rest must strive for. Just like adhesive strips are Band-Aids and tissues are Kleenex, legal online sports betting may very well be referred to as “Bovada-ing.” That’s because this industry titan has set a high watermark for quality, and the rest are just struggling to keep up. Whether you love the hundreds of game lines available at any given time, the sleek mobile app that lets you bet from anywhere, or just the peace of mind you get from betting with the most secure Nebraska sportsbook on the web, you’ll love Bovada.

But what if you don’t right away, or you have a problem? That’s okay – Bovada is backed by one of the best customer service departments in the world. Any time of day, on any day of the week, you can give Bovada a call and you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable human being within ten minutes of your call. Forget great service for a gambling site, this is great service for anywhere! Have ever been on the phone that fast with anyone from your Cable Company or health insurance provider?

BetOnline Sportsbook - Why Bet In Vegas With No Bonuses? Up to $1,000 Free!!

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is one of the fastest growing legal sports wagering sites for Nebraska residents in the world, and a quick look around their sportsbook will tell new members everything they need to know about why this sportsbook is suddenly in such high demand. In addition to the sleek design, game lines and odds are up before just about any other sportsbook out there, giving bettors all the information they need to get and stay well ahead of the game.

The best part? All the free money BetOnline gives away. Whenever a member makes a deposit into their account, they will find that they are eligible for a full 25% of their deposit right back in the form of free money. Using this deal, you can collect all the way up to $1000. The real kicker? This is not a mere sign up bonus. BetOnline members are eligible to collect on this for life. What are you doing sitting there with no free money? Head over to BetOnline now!

Legal NE Sports Betting Sites New Player Bonuses + Promos Bet Now
Bovada Sportsbook $250 w/ 50% Match - Low Rollover Click To Sign Up
BetOnline Sportsbook $1K w/ 50% Match - Good For Life Click To Sign Up
SportsBetting Sportsbook $1K w/ 50% Match - Lifetime Bonus Click To Sign Up
BetDSI Sportsbook $100 w/ 100% Match - Lifetime Bonus Click To Sign Up
5Dimes Sportsbook Multi Bonus Worth Up To $520 Click To Sign Up

Nebraska Sports Betting FAQ

How Old Do You Have to Be to Bet Online In Nebraska?

While some online sportsbooks will allow anyone over 18 to sign up, the best practice is to wait until you are over the legal betting age for your home state, which in Nebraska is 21. Anyone caught betting between the ages of 18-21 will be reported to state authorities. From there, a hefty legal fine is likely to be handed down as well as a potential jail sentence.

What Sports Can I bet On?

The great part about sports betting in Nebraska is that there are no limits to what members may bet on, meaning every account is a completely unique and custom experience. That being said… come on cornhuskers fans, we shouldn’t need to tell you that all your neighbors are online betting on the University of Nebraska in college football matchups, do we?

Does Nebraska Have Land-Based Sportsbooks?

Let’s focus on the good news: these websites are really great for all forms of gambling. Why did we start there? Well, because they’re the only gambling option for Nebraska residents. No one in Nebraska will play a single casino game, slot machine, round of poker or bet on a single down of football without driving across state lines or logging on to the internet. It’s a good think these Nebraska sports betting sites are here!