Is Sports Betting Legal In Nebraska?

Nebraska is a rich state. Rich history, rich culture, and a rich economy. As one of the biggest producers of beef and pork in the U.S., Nebraska also gets to brag about their sports teams more than a little with two colleges in the state having won more than 10 national titles each. But no matter if you are a mavericks fan or a corn huskers fan, you probably would like to make a little money while watching your team. It wouldn't be surprising that the mention of making money, while watching sports would pique the interest of more than a few of the residents of Nebraska. The way to do that is to bet on sports by legally placing money on your team and reaping the sweet rewards.

No doubt more than a few of you Nebraska mavericks think there is a better chance of you husking corn than being able to legally bet on sports anytime soon, but you would lose that bet. The fact is that betting on sports is 100% legal in all states throughout the U.S. and has never gotten a single person in the history of the U.S. arrested. In fact more people have been arrested for opening Christmas presents in the U.S. than placing a bet on sports. It is silly but true, just as true as the fact that placing a bet on sports is legal. The only reason that more people unwrap gifts every year than bet on sports is because currently no one is allowed to actually take the bets. Placing bets is legal, taking those bets and making a sportsbook for those bets is illegal in all but Nevada and Delaware. Even in those states bookmakers are usually only allowed when they are under control of the casinos in Vegas or the strange and strict laws of Delaware. This doesn't help many Nebraska residents who want to participate in sports betting either way as both states are pretty far away.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Nebraska:

So where does that leave sports and sports betting fans in Nebraska? They can't easily take a trip to either Nevada or Delaware as both are very long drives that more likely than not would require a few day's stay. Even if a trip to Vegas seemed nice, it is very unlikely it would be profitable for Nebraska residents, at least not profitable enough for trips every weekend. What other options are there then? Some may hear about a local betting ring and think they have some magical loophole in the law. Unfortunately that local ring would be illegal, they probably wouldn't come right out and say it, but it would be. Like most things that are illegal it is always a risk to partake in it. Sure you can't be arrested as the bettor but don't fool yourself thinking the police, after busting the ring wide open, would try and find everyone who bet in the ring so they could get their money back. There is also the chance that after getting your money and the generous investments of several other local residents, the bookmaker would decide that he felt a trip far away was in order, paid for of course with your generous donation. So all land based options are pretty much off the table. Many may mistakenly believe that this means sports betting itself is off the table, but they would be wrong. After all there is still one place where users can bet on sports without having to worry about driving or dealing with illegal operations.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Nebraska:

So where can sports fans from Nebraska find a place that allows sports betting like Nevada and that is within their own household? The world wide web of course! Through the power of the internet Nebraska players can bet on online betting sites where not only is sports betting completely legal because it isn't based anywhere on U.S. soil, but it is also inside the home of every Nebraska resident. Some people may be a little wary of just trusting a random site from the web and that is a wise position to take in this world. The good news though is you have us, and we live to serve when it comes to Nebraska online sportsbooks. Not only do we know the best sites around based on customer service and how long they have been around, we know exactly the right site for any sports fan in Nebraska.

Bovada Sportsbook - Hard To Beat Verity Of Betting Lines For All Sports

Bovada SportsbookNebraska residents everywhere need look no further for online needs than Bovada. So why do we like Bovada so much? Well it could be that they have been around for a few dozen years, or maybe we like that they give their bettors the latest in betting with mobile sites and live betting and various other bells and whistles that only they have. But truthfully it is the welcome bonus that really wins us over.

No matter what, online sports betting is going to have better deals than land based equivalents, but Bovada really ups the ante and we love it. When a new member of Bovada makes their first deposit something magical happens, 50% of that deposit is given back to them for free by Bovada. As soon as the money hits their account Bovada gives back half of that investment in free play so every new bettor has a leg up when they start out. A lot of sites like to make new bettors feel welcome but Bovada really knocks it out of the park. Any Nebraska resident interested in trying out sports betting for the first time would be wise to take a trip to Bovada.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Doubtless most readers are convinced by now and have rushed off to experience a whole new world of betting bliss, but there are a few that are still on the fence. They need just a little more convincing that sports betting is really the right thing for Nebraska residents. What they should do is look to history. This great state was founded on a gamble as hundreds of hopeful prospectors rushed to Nebraska with dreams of gold during the great Californian gold rush. Because of their gamble the state of Nebraska was founded and ever since it's people have been happy and prosperous. It is unlikely that things will be changed forever because of Nebraska online sports betting, but a little faith and a daring attitude never hurt a resident of Nebraska.