Sports Betting In Nebraska

Sports Betting in Nebraska

While this state may not be the first to come to mind, sports betting in Nebraska has experienced growth over the past few years. There are not actually any brick and mortar sportsbooks in the state quite yet, which in the past was a deterrent for many potential bettors in the state. However, this has all changed with the increasing popularity of online sports betting sites. Once residents of the state realized that there were online sports betting sites where they could safely bet on their favorite NFL, NBA, and MLB teams, thousands of sports fans started to create accounts.

Now, Nebraskans play an active role in the multi-billion dollar online sports betting industry. If you are concerned about legality, there is nothing written in the Nebraska Legislature that bans residents from betting on sports at offshore online sportsbooks. The only thing written into law is that retail sportsbooks can only be built inside of upcoming casinos. Sports enthusiasts in the state can sign up at any offshore sports betting site that accepts players from N.E. If you are ready to join other residents of the Cornhusker State in betting on the best sports teams in the nation, we encourage you to continue reading this guide to online Nebraska sports betting.

Does Nebraska Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (or Bradley Act) put an end to land-based sportsbooks being legalized by all states across the nation besides Nevada. However, that law was repealed in May of 2018. Since then, over half the country has signed some type of sports betting bill into law and that includes Nebraska. Although, Nebraska’s sports betting legalization came through a series of casino gaming bills. Land-based sports betting in Nebraska can now occur, but it can only be done at casinos which are not yet built. Nebraska signed that gaming bill in May of 2021, so it will likely not be until 2022 at the earliest before a land-based sportsbook in NE opens.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Nebraska?

Online sports betting in Nebraska is legal, but only when using the proper websites. For example, online sportsbooks are not allowed to operate in-state. To add to that, NE sports bettors can’t use another state’s online sportsbook if they’re physically in Nebraska. That leaves only one legal option and that is using online sportsbooks that are based-overseas. State and federal laws do not have jurisdiction over the operation of these sites because they are regulated in their home countries. And for the bettor, there are no penalties written into law for using these sites. That makes them the best and only way to find legal online sports betting in Nebraska.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Nebraska Residents?

Even with all the laws and statutes, Nebraska is still considered “unregulated” when it comes to online sports betting. This means that almost every major offshore sports gambling site out there will accept in-state residents. The trick, however, is finding a website that fits your needs. One of the best ways to do this is to read reviews and look at a site’s reliability, safety, and entertainment value. To help, we’ve provided a rundown of Nebraska-accessible sites below.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Nebraska

  • Nebraska sportsbooks have been legalized to open inside of in-state casinos once they are constructed.
  • Online sports betting sites for Nebraska bettors are top notch and provide a great product.
  • Large bonuses are waiting for new bettors at these Nebraska online sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook - Online Sports Betting In Nebraska At Its Finest - #1 Rated

Bovada Sportsbook

Nebraska sports fans that want to make some money while supporting their favorite teams need go no further than Bovada. One of the most popular sportsbooks on the net Bovada has been helping people to legally bet on NCAA games around the entire country. Those who bleed scarlet and crème will not find a site that helps you support your team better than Bovada.

They have all the major college sports and track every game you can imagine no matter if it is televised or not. You simply won’t find coverage all year round like that found within Bovada’s online sportsbook. Any Cornhuskers fan that wants to make some money while supporting their favorite team will have a hard time finding a better way to do it than betting online with Bovada.

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Huge Deposits Bonuses For Football Season

SportsBetting Sportsbook is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to online sportsbooks in that it gained a dedicated player base with their quick payouts and diverse features. Now though they are quickly gaining popularity as more and more people realize the superior experience they offer in terms of the numerous types of wagering + sports available on a daily basis.

It isn’t often that online sportsbooks for sports betting in Nebraska offer payouts in as many ways or as reliably as SportsBetting does and for that reason you've got to check it out today! Not only will all of their payout methods arrive within the week you request it, but they will cover all associated fees on the first payout of the month. Betting has never been more profitable and especially fun with live betting available now in SportsBetting's online sportsbook!

BetOnline Sportsbook - 25% Deposit Bonus For Life On Every Deposit

BetOnline Sportsbook

Veteran bettors looking for a site that will give them incentive to stay on the site won’t find a better option than BetOnline. They offer the best bonuses without sacrificing any quality. It is a small wonder that they are the most preferred site for Nebraska residents that have a history of sports betting.

It’s easy to attract players when you give them half of their first deposit back as freeplay, it is even easier to keep them when you offer 25% back on every deposit after the first. More and more sites are starting to get rid of their lifetime bonuses but BetOnline's is still standing strong and it's available 24/7/365. They even offer freeplay for trying extra features like mobile betting and live betting.

Top Nebraska Sports Betting Sites

Online Sportsbooks
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50% up to $250
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Other Types Of Gambling Available In Nebraska

Nebraska is home to five casinos. Each of these is considered tribal, or owned and operated by a Native American tribe. You can find Native Star Casino in Winnebago, Lucky 77 in Walthill, Ohiya Casino & Resort in Niobrara, and Iron Horse in Emerson.

Other than these casinos, Nebraska has a state lottery and a few bingo halls. Unfortunately, the state itself is not very active on gambling expansion. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for sports bettors, however, since it is still considered “unregulated.” It is unlikely that any commercial casinos or additional tribal ones will be added, though, so for now your only real option is to find a safe and reliable website to gamble and bet on sports.

Does Nebraska Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Nebraska has a handful of thoroughbred race tracks through the state. These include Horsemen’s Park in Omaha, Fonner Park in Grand Island, and a few others that come around for state fairs.

Nebraska Sports Betting Laws + Statutes

All of the current Nebraska sports betting laws and statutes can be found in NE LB 561. This bill was passed by the state legislature and signed off by Governor Ricketts in May of 2021. The bill itself is mostly centered around how casinos would operate in Nebraska. In November of 2020, local voters passed an amendment to the state constitution legalizing in-state casinos. The bill specified that sportsbooks could be built inside of those casinos. Other than that, the bill did not address online sportsbooks at all. What this means is online sports bettors in Nebraska can continue to use the same great sites they have been with impunity.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Nebraska?

In order to participate in sports betting in Nebraska, you will need to wait until your 21st birthday. After this point, you can sign up at any offshore online sportsbook that is accepting N.E. residents. Though the majority of sports betting sites have a minimum betting age of 18, follow the legal sports betting age in NE. State law always trumps the minimum requirement set by an online sportsbook, and you will also see the same disclaimer at any sports betting site that you visit. Participating in underage gambling of any kind is not advised, as you risk having your funds forfeited and your account suspended. Once you turn 21 years old, you can join virtually any online sportsbook and get in on exciting sports betting action.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Nebraska?

There are a number of different sports that you can bet on in Nebraska. Many sports enthusiasts in the state are interested in the Big 10 football betting odds for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Though the Cornhuskers are the most prominent team in the state, N.E residents can bet on other popular collegiate and professional sports teams. Online sportsbooks have betting lines on NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS, along with tennis, rugby, lacrosse, and much more. There are hundreds of different teams for Nebraska sports bettors to choose from when you join any of the top sports betting sites such as BetOnline or SportsBetting.

Is Betting Real Money Online Safe?

Real money betting online is completely safe when you use legitimate sports betting sites. Online sportsbooks have banking options that are not only reliable but also extremely secure. All financial transactions are encrypted to ensure that your banking account and credit card credentials are protected. Using your credit card, bank wire, check, or other payment method at an online sportsbook is no different than making any other online purchase. From a legal perspective, real money online betting is safe because there is nothing in the Nebraska Legislature that prohibits betting for cash at an offshore site. You can use any of the online sportsbooks featured on this site and feel confident that you are using a trustworthy real money sports betting site.

Best Deposit Methods For Nebraska Residents!

US-friendly online sportsbooks provide players with several different deposit methods that are catered to bettors in the USA. The best deposit methods for Nebraska residents are credit cards and Bitcoins. You most likely use your credit card a few times a week, and being able to also use your credit card at an online sportsbook could not be more convenient. Online sportsbooks accept Visa, MasterCard, and sometimes American Express. The minimum deposit will usually fall around $25 while the maximum is often capped at $5,000. Your card issuer may charge an international fee, but the charge is minimal. To make a Visa, American Express, or MasterCard deposit, you only need to enter your credit card number to begin betting instantly.

Bitcoin is the most popular deposit method that has taken the sports betting community by storm for sports betting in Nebraska. The virtual currency is one of the most reliable and expedient banking methods currently offered by online sportsbooks. You can start placing bets with as little as $20, and you can put up to $5,000 or more in your account. There are never any fees charged by the top online sportsbooks when you make a BTC deposit, and your account is credited immediately. All you have to do to make a Bitcoin deposit at an online sportsbook is transfer BTCs from your wallet into the wallet address provided by the cashier.